Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Timeline of a speedpaint - part 6

The washed out appearance of the darks and mids in my last version of this scene wasn't very nice - it didn't have the punchy, vibrant feel I wanted from this scene, and this adjustment is my attempt to fix this. It might seem a little strange to spend almost a whole 5 minute slot getting this right, but this is pretty close to the palette I'll be taking through until the end of the speedpaint, so it's worth getting it mostly right now.

My main focus here was to eliminate the blues - they felt dry and cold, and washed out in a way that didn't really work for me. An overlay layer makes pretty quick work of this, without affecting the existing reds too much - you have to be careful with overlay layers, as they can severely boost your already bright colours, but here I got away with it.

With the main colour scheme made more vivid, I wanted to focus on my two main focal points, and bring them to light a bit more. I thought that a red/green palette might work nicely, and provide some strong contrast, so I used a slightly green yellow on another overlay layer to wash over the highlights in both areas. I ended up pushing these a bit closer to orange by the end, but it was a decent starting point.

After being a little tired of various rock details, I decided it might be nice to try turning the one in the top left corner into an angled building, like a half collapsed old skyscraper. This would keep a nice angle in this area, but provide a different set of textures and help give some story to the world, the idea of a cityscape in ruins. I actually regretted this idea towards the end - I didn't have the time or patience to really give this detail the rendering it needs to sell the concept, and it feels rushed and unfinished in the final version. It's hard to say how easy this would have been to fix at this stage, but my best option would've probably been to leave this area as a rocky feature and move on. Nevertheless, this is the decision I made at the time.

By now I'm halfway through painting the scene, and basically everything is coming together. My next step will be to add the final details to the background scenery, because after that I'm going to start thinking about my focal feature in the foreground.

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